Attention Ravenworks Customers

Starting on September 1, 2016, Ravenworks will begin a fantastic new scheduling method to give the utmost in personal care to all of our customers.

Starting on the 1st, we will still be open during our regular hours on Wednesdays and Thursday (noon until 7 pm) but all other visits will be by appointment, allowing you individual consultations with Raven or her staff.

Raven will be travelling to Renaissance Faires, Steampunk events and other conventions to bring back the best the country has to offer, but you’ll still get our first class customer service, for you and your group. We’ve renovated our store, set up a very comfortable sitting room for you to enjoy and we’ll find and bring the perfect items to meet your needs. Have a cup of tea, relax and we will customize a fantastic experience just for you.

To make an appointment for your person adventure, call: 608-630-2348

Welcome to Ravenworks!


homeRavenworks is an historical clothing store, specializing in authentic looking, high quality garments that can be worn season after season. We cater to re-enactors, theater groups, opera companies, LARP groups, Renaissance and Medieval faire patrons and more. For a very unique look, to be the person you’ve always wished you could be, Ravenworks is the ideal place for your clothing needs.

We started this company in 2007, with handmade cloaks, capes and scarves and grew into a well-stocked specialty store making and purchasing garments, leather work, swords, replica historical flintlocks, blunderbusses and more. We have everything from chainmail to steel breastplates, larp swords and shields and full steel weaponry.